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It was only the second time I used Brad to do my self-test and I booked my co-star role on a Paramount TV series, LAST KING OF THE CROSS. But it didn't stop there, I made such an impact on the Director with my self-test and call backs they wrote me in as a regular character spanning 5 of the 10 episodes. Recently I've had another call-back from a self-test I did with Brad for a feature film shooting in Australia. I cannot but highly recommend Brad's coaching and Self-test service for actors looking for that edge to have their break in the film industry.

As an up & coming actor auditions are few and far apart but I believe they're an essential way to let Casting Directors and Directors know who you are, what you can do, so you can get back in front of them again and again. For me that meant I needed to impress and be memorable straight away. This is why having someone with decades of experience guiding me with my self-test was essential.

Brad's worked with nearly every Australian casting director, he knows what each wants, how many versions they want and the range they want to see, which I believe is invaluable. In the self test sessions he got my instrument "me" ready to perform, practice the scene together and massaged the delivery until the character was sitting well in me, in the zone, with my voice connected and intention clear.

Also having Brad, a working actor take on the character as my reader gave me so much to work with that my self-test had so much depth and nuances I was owning it on the screen.

Even after the studio contract was signed I had many coaching sessions with him to work through intense scenes in the script so I could lock it into muscle memory before I flew down to work on the TV series. I'm glad I spent the time working with Brad as I owned the scenes I was in, made an impression with the Directors, and finally stopped feeling like a fraud and believe in myself that I am an actor, a working actor now."


Sonny Le

Booked a co-star role on Paramount Plus' "Last King of the Cross"


“I’ve been training with Brad and the team at The Actors Club for the past 3 years and credit so much of where I am today to them. Since starting at The Actors Club I’ve signed with Benchmark Creative Management, I’ve also signed with Authentic Management in the US and am currently down in Sydney completing the Diploma of Stage and Screen at NIDA. I truly don’t think any of this would’ve been possible without the help of Brad who has been a key part in the development of my craft over the years, got me in contact with Anthony at Benchmark and also helped me prepare my NIDA auditions! The Actors Club is such an inviting and encouraging place to learn and grow as an actor and I couldn’t recommend it more. I feel extremely grateful to be apart of the community and have them be such a big part in my journey as an actor!” 

Isabel Laver

Signed with Benchmark Creative Management and Authentic Management (U.S) - 
Accepted into NIIDA

Lachlan has been training at The Actors Club and working with Brad McMurray since 2019, in the last few years Lachlan has signed with Benchmark Creative Management, was accepted into the prestigious QUT Bachelor of Fine Arts - Acting and booked a Guest Starring role on "Home and Away".


Lachlan Engeler

Booked a Guest Starring role on "Home and Away"

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